Stock market rally fades as investors await US Fed forecasts – business live | Business

8.07am BST08:07 Mark Sweney The owner of dozens of magazines including The Week, Minecraft World and Viz has put a quarter of its UK staff into a redundancy consultation process as the

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Treasury considers tax hikes and pay freezes to cover Covid-19 costs | Business

Raising taxes or imposing a public sector wage freeze are among the options being considered by ministers to pay for a government borrowing boom during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a leaked

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UK seeks to borrow £225bn to fund huge surge in public spending | Business

The government plans to borrow £225bn from bond market investors in just four months to fund the huge increase in public spending during the coronavirus pandemic. In an early indicator of the

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Insurers cut dividends as Bank of England warns on payouts in Covid-19 crisis – business live | Business

8.16am BST08:16 Zoe Wood Tesco sales jumped 30% in the first few weeks of the coronavirus outbreak as shoppers stockpiled in the run-up to the lockdown but additional costs involved in feeding

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