Climate change

Joe Biden has made climate central to his policy agenda. So should UK ministers | Matthew Pennycook | Opinion

Throughout the Democratic party presidential primary, candidate Joe Biden was variously chastised for his preference for incrementalism, for declining to fully endorse the Green New Deal, and for his perceived unwillingness to

6 mins read

The Guardian view on the green recovery: Britain is being left behind | Editorial | Opinion

Senior figures in this government like to view themselves as insurgents against a hidebound Whitehall establishment. This is partly because Boris Johnson won the last election after pledging to “get Brexit done”,

5 mins read

Resistance to the ‘environmental sect’ is a cornerstone of Bolsonaro’s rule | Global development

It is not just meat companies in Brazil that are under pressure over rising deforestation and widespread fires in the Amazon. The government has been forced to react after international investors and

8 mins read

‘A critical situation’: Bangladesh in crisis as monsoon floods follow super-cyclone | Global development

Bangladesh could be plunged into a humanitarian crisis as it undergoes the most prolonged monsoon flooding in decades while it is still recovering from the effects of super-cyclone Amphan. Despite the UN

5 mins read
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