Facebook Must Better Police Online Hate, State Attorneys General Say

Twenty state attorneys general on Wednesday called on Facebook to better prevent messages of hate, bias and disinformation from spreading, and said the company needed to provide more help to users facing

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Reddit, Acting Against Hate Speech, Bans ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit

SAN FRANCISCO — Reddit, one of the largest social networking and message board websites, on Monday banned its biggest community devoted to President Trump as part of an overhaul of its hate

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Social Media Giants Support Racial Justice. Their Products Undermine It.

A YouTube spokeswoman, Andrea Faville, said that Mr. Saladino’s video had received less than 5 percent of its views this year, and that it was not being widely recommended by the company’s

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After Reality Star’s Death, Japan Vows to Rip the Mask Off Online Hate

TOKYO — During the last weeks of Hana Kimura’s life, a steady stream of hate washed over her social media accounts. On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, anonymous posters attacked her appearance, her

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Twitter Had Been Drawing a Line for Months When Trump Crossed It

OAKLAND, Calif. — Jack Dorsey was up late Thursday at his home in San Francisco talking online with his executives when their conversation was interrupted: President Trump had just posted another inflammatory

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Twitter Comes Under Attack From Trump’s Supporters

OAKLAND, Calif. — Not long after Twitter added a warning label to two of President Trump’s tweets on Tuesday, his supporters swung into action. On Twitter, Mr. Trump’s adherents targeted one of

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Twitter Grapples Anew With Its Trump Conundrum

But when President Trump posted a veiled threat in January that Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat of California, had “not paid the price, yet” for helping to spearhead an impeachment inquiry against him,

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