Domestic violence

The Guardian view on falling rape prosecutions: women’s rights are regressing | Editorial | Opinion

We are going backwards. The number of reported rapes that result in convictions has long been alarmingly low. But the state of rape prosecutions in England and Wales is now an outrage

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How many children at risk? UK health visitors count the cost of lockdown | Society

When Covid-19 arrived, everything changed for health visitors. While many people think of the profession as specialist nurses supporting families with pre-school children, their role is much broader. Health visitors work closely

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Covid-19 intensifies elder abuse globally as hospitals prioritise young | Global development

When Souzi Bondeko’s grandfather started showing symptoms of Covid-19 and was struggling to breathe, she took him to a hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s capital, Kinshasa, where he was

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I wept after hearing women’s stories. A decade of austerity has wrecked lives | Mary O’Hara | Society

My austerity journey, which took me to all four UK nations and numerous towns, cities and villages, to write a book, began in the months following George Osborne’s infamous budget statement 10

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