Dominic Cummings

Government paid Vote Leave AI firm to analyse UK citizens’ tweets | Data protection

Privacy campaigners have expressed alarm after the government revealed it had hired an artificial intelligence firm to collect and analyse the tweets of UK citizens as part of a coronavirus-related contract. Faculty,

5 mins read

Steve Bannon hails Dominic Cummings and predicts lurch to right for No 10 | Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, who has previously backed a range of notorious far-right political figures, has publicly endorsed Dominic Cummings for the first time, calling him a “brilliant guy”. Donald Trump’s former chief strategist

6 mins read

Taking on Sir Humphrey: can the civil service be reformed? – podcast | News

When Jonathan Powell arrived in Downing Street in 1997 as Tony Blair’s chief of staff, he was met with a handshake from the head of the civil service. From then on, it

1 min read
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