Twitter Struggles to Unpack a Hack Within Its Walls

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said it would request information from Twitter about the hack. “The ability of bad actors to take over prominent accounts, even fleetingly, signals a worrisome vulnerability

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Square, Jack Dorsey’s Pay Service, Is Withholding Money Merchants Say They Need

OAKLAND, Calif. — Jack Dorsey has won plaudits for his corporate activism during the coronavirus crisis, taking on President Trump in his role as Twitter’s chief executive and donating nearly a third

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Social Media Giants Support Racial Justice. Their Products Undermine It.

A YouTube spokeswoman, Andrea Faville, said that Mr. Saladino’s video had received less than 5 percent of its views this year, and that it was not being widely recommended by the company’s

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Twitter and Square Make Juneteenth a Company Holiday

Twitter and Square on Tuesday designated Juneteenth, which celebrates the end of slavery in America, as a company holiday — the latest conciliatory overtures by major corporations since the widespread protests over

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Twitter Had Been Drawing a Line for Months When Trump Crossed It

OAKLAND, Calif. — Jack Dorsey was up late Thursday at his home in San Francisco talking online with his executives when their conversation was interrupted: President Trump had just posted another inflammatory

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While Twitter Confronts Trump, Zuckerberg Keeps Facebook Out of It

SAN FRANCISCO — Earlier this week, as Twitter executives waded into a confrontation with President Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, took a very different tack: He kept his head down.

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Defying Trump, Twitter Doubles Down on Labeling Tweets

OAKLAND, Calif. — Twitter on Thursday added new fact-checking labels to hundreds of tweets, even as the Trump administration prepared an executive order to curtail the legal protections that shield social media

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Twitter Grapples Anew With Its Trump Conundrum

But when President Trump posted a veiled threat in January that Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat of California, had “not paid the price, yet” for helping to spearhead an impeachment inquiry against him,

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Facebook Starts Planning for Permanent Remote Workers

OAKLAND, Calif. — Facebook said on Thursday that it would allow many employees to work from home permanently. But there’s a catch: They may not be able to keep their big Silicon

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