George Floyd Protests (2020)

The Power of Bearing Witness

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Calls Rise Inside Amazon to Address Racial Inequity

At a town hall in 2017, after Michael Brown, Philando Castile and Sandra Bland had already become household names, an employee asked Mr. Bezos about the lack of diversity on his team.

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41 Cities, Many Sources: How False Antifa Rumors Spread Locally

A false rumor about antifa protesters in Yucaipa, Calif., a city about 70 miles from Los Angeles, started with one viral YouTube video about the city. Before long, it had even reached

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Elizabeth Alexander on the Spectacle of ‘Black Bodies in Pain’

The writer reflects on her seminal Rodney King essay, the George Floyd killing and how the videos of police brutality exacerbate black grief. Source link

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Social Media Giants Support Racial Justice. Their Products Undermine It.

A YouTube spokeswoman, Andrea Faville, said that Mr. Saladino’s video had received less than 5 percent of its views this year, and that it was not being widely recommended by the company’s

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Where Black Lives Matter Protesters Stream Live Every Day: Twitch

(The exception, Twitch said, was showing protest content that violates its guidelines because it is extremely violent or contains illegal acts. ) Some streamers said that while they haven’t had any official

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