Government borrowing

Here’s an idea that could earn the government £400bn in 25 years | Nils Pratley | Business

The UK’s public finances are “on an unsustainable path”, the Office for Budget Responsibility said last week. Since it has been saying as much for years, even before Covid-19 provoked a surge

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The Guardian view on Covid-19 economics: the austerity con of deficit hysteria | Editorial | Opinion

The record government deficits are keeping the economy on life support during the Covid-19 crisis, and removing them would be like pulling the plug. Without the state stepping in, there would be

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Revolt over easing of lockdown spreads as poll slump hits PM | Government borrowing

Boris Johnson was hit by a growing revolt over his strategy for easing the Covid-19 lockdown last night as council leaders across the north of England joined unions in vowing to resist

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How will Britain dig itself out of a £300bn coronavirus hole? | Business

Millions of workers in Britain have been furloughed but the UK Debt Management Office (DMO) has never been busier. The government body responsible for selling gilts – government bonds – is working

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UK budget deficit to rise to £300bn this year, OBR says | Business

The mounting cost of government schemes to help Britain through its worst recession in more than three centuries has risen by £20bn in the past two weeks and will result in a

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Treasury considers tax hikes and pay freezes to cover Covid-19 costs | Business

Raising taxes or imposing a public sector wage freeze are among the options being considered by ministers to pay for a government borrowing boom during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a leaked

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The Guardian view on lifting the lockdown: not business as usual | Editorial | Opinion

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the British government to spend large amounts to keep its economy afloat and ensure the wellbeing of the public. Ministers did so without paying heed to questions

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UK seeks to borrow £225bn to fund huge surge in public spending | Business

The government plans to borrow £225bn from bond market investors in just four months to fund the huge increase in public spending during the coronavirus pandemic. In an early indicator of the

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