Higher education policy

UK lecturers ‘strongly support colleagues’ academic freedom’ | World news

British university staff oppose efforts to sack colleagues who produce controversial research, according to a report on political diversity in higher education that claims to reveal “an important reservoir of support for

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UK universities: no automatic tuition fee refunds, MPs say | Education

Students at British universities should not expect automatic tuition fee refunds for disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak, according to MPs, despite complaints from thousands of those affected. The MPs on parliament’s

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UK universities facing possible financial disaster, research says | Education

As many as 13 British universities could face financial disaster from the after-effects of the coronavirus outbreak, affecting one in 20 students in the UK and causing steep job cuts, according to

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‘Conditional unconditional’ university offers to be banned in England | Education

England’s higher education regulator is to press ahead with its plans to temporarily ban universities using “conditional unconditional” offers amid concerns they have been used to pressure students into accepting places. The

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Ministers may move university applications to after A-level results | Education

The education secretary is planning a radical overhaul of England’s university admissions system, with students applying after A-level results and the start of the academic year possibly being moved to January, the

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Plan to cap numbers at UK universities to go ahead | Education

The UK government is going ahead with controversial plans to limit the number of students from England who can enrol at universities in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, rejecting opposition from the

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Coronavirus UK: Universities face £2.5bn tuition fee loss next year | Education

Capping the number of students who can attend each British university will not stave off the financial catastrophe that institutions face following the coronavirus outbreak, a report from the University and College

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Government set to cap university admissions amid Covid-19 chaos | World news

Strict limits on the number of students that each university in England can recruit are set to be imposed by the government in an effort to avoid a free-for-all on admissions, with

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