‘Green thinking’ must lead infrastructure design, says watchdog chair | Environment

Instead of blaming protected newts for thwarting the “build build build” agenda, politicians and developers must incorporate green thinking into the design of new infrastructure, according to the chair of the government’s

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Leaseholders billed up to £115,000 each to remove Grenfell-style cladding | Money

Leaseholders in a “tinderbox” apartment block in Manchester have been billed up to £115,000 each to remove unsafe cladding in what is believed to be the biggest charge facing residents since the

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How one neighbourhood in London lost 36 residents to Covid-19 – podcast | World news

The Guardian journalist Aamna Modhin tells Rachel Humphreys about reporting from Church End, a small neighbourhood in Brent, north London, which has a large Somali population. In early March, residents began to

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