International students

Sixth-formers able to haggle for top UK universities under new grading system | Education

School leavers may feel that, with A-level exams cancelled, they have lost control over their future. But experts say they have never had more power to talk their way into their first-choice

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UK universities accused of overreliance on fees from Chinese students | Education

Britain’s universities rely too heavily on tuition fees from Chinese students, according to a Conservative-backed thinktank that wants the government to replace them with increased funding for domestic students taking “high value”

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UK universities facing possible financial disaster, research says | Education

As many as 13 British universities could face financial disaster from the after-effects of the coronavirus outbreak, affecting one in 20 students in the UK and causing steep job cuts, according to

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Coronavirus UK: Universities face £2.5bn tuition fee loss next year | Education

Capping the number of students who can attend each British university will not stave off the financial catastrophe that institutions face following the coronavirus outbreak, a report from the University and College

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Government set to cap university admissions amid Covid-19 chaos | World news

Strict limits on the number of students that each university in England can recruit are set to be imposed by the government in an effort to avoid a free-for-all on admissions, with

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