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Unemployment in US and UK may ‘rise above Great Depression’ | Business

Unemployment in Britain and the US could surpass the levels reached during the 1930s Great Depression within months as the coronavirus crisis

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UK begins talks with Australia and New Zealand on free trade deal for post-Brexit era | Business

Australia and New Zealand are about to begin negotiations on a free trade agreement with the UK in what the Australian trade minister said was “a strong signal of our mutual support

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‘Asian century’ marks end of US-led global system, warns EU chief | European Union

The Asian century may have arrived marking the end of a US-led global system, Josep Borrell, the EU foreign affairs chief, told a group of German diplomats on Monday amid a growing

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Global report: trade deal fears after Trump threat to cut China ties over Covid-19 | World news

A heated exchange between Donald Trump and China over the coronavirus pandemic has sparked concerns that a trade deal between the nations is in peril, as Chinese state media dismissed as “lunacy”

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UK unemployment to double and economy to shrink by 14%, warns Bank of England | Business

The Bank of England has warned the British economy could shrink by 14% this year and unemployment more than double by spring as the coronavirus causes the deepest recession in modern history.

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