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Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria records 19 deaths and 322 new Covid cases as Queensland avoids widespread outbreak | World news

There is a lot more of this popping up now – federal Victorian government MPs publicly criticising the Andrews government – something the prime minister has said he wants to avoid (at

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Australia coronavirus update: NSW residents urged to avoid travel to Melbourne hotspots as Victoria records 16 new cases – live news | Australia news

That’s a matter for the Western Australian premier. But again, we always said that we were not going for eradication of the virus. Other economies tried that, and their economy was far

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Coronavirus Australia update latest: Victoria to test 100,000 people in two weeks as 1 million download tracing app – live news | Australia news

I intend to develop and publish an audit program of the government’s Covid-19 response, and work is now under way to develop the approach. The audit program will focus on providing parliament

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