Hadley Freeman on the future of the royals | News

Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman tells Rachel Humphreys why 2020 is not shaping up to be a great year for the royals. It began with the bombshell announcement that the Sussexes – Prince

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Mail publisher asks court to strike out Meghan’s ‘dishonesty’ claims | UK news

Claims by the Duchess of Sussex that a newspaper had “harassed, humiliated, manipulated and exploited” her estranged father to “dig or stir up” a dispute between the pair were “remarkable”, given that

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Lockdown is doing wonders for the royal family. Even Fergie gets a look-in | Catherine Bennett | Opinion

In forthcoming journals of this plague year, I hope whoever gets to write the canonical version will make a particular note of 15 April. This was the day the Duchess of York,

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Prince Harry may quit hunting over Meghan’s dislike of sport, says conservationist friend | Jane Goodall

The British primatologist Dame Jane Goodall believes the Duke of Sussex will give up hunting because of his wife’s dislike for the sport, and thinks he has been finding life “a bit

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