Michael Gove

The Guardian view on Brexit bureaucracy: tied up in red tape | Editorial | Opinion

The government did not quite achieve the Brexit breakthrough it was seeking on Friday, when there was hope that a fast-tracked trade agreement with Japan might be reached. But it seems likely

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Taking on Sir Humphrey: can the civil service be reformed? – podcast | News

When Jonathan Powell arrived in Downing Street in 1997 as Tony Blair’s chief of staff, he was met with a handshake from the head of the civil service. From then on, it

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Putin is up to no good. But Johnson needs little help in creating chaos | Nick Cohen | Opinion

As Boris Johnson is leading Britain’s first government of pundits, “a gobocracy”, if you like, it is worth repeating Humbert Wolfe’s scathing poem on the press: “You cannot hope to bribe or

8 mins read
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