New Jersey

Rethinking the police: what can the US learn from Newark? – podcast

The New Jersey city had one of the worst reputations for police violence in the US, but as the Guardian’s Ankita Rao discovers, it is leading the charge for reform under a

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Coronavirus US live: Trump says ‘we may have to put out a fire’ if second wave hits as deaths reach 67,000 | World news

…and welcome to another day of coverage of the coronavirus outbreak, and the politics around it, in the US. I always start with the basic figures, from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland:

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Pollution hotspots home to people of color hit hardest by coronavirus in US | World news

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard in America’s most vulnerable communitiesalready burdened by toxic industries and environmental pollution . Experts warn that this elevates the risk of developing complications from Covid-19. Polluted

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At Two Fashion Resale Warehouses, Workers Fear for Their Safety

At the RealReal warehouses in Secaucus and Perth Amboy, in New Jersey, there is a backlog. Used designer clothing, handbags and all manner of accessories are waiting to be inspected for authenticity,

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