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Nine Tory MPs criticise government’s ‘crude’ lockdown strategy | UK news

Nine Conservative MPs in Greater Manchester have written to Matt Hancock criticising the government’s “crude and ineffective strategy” to regional lockdowns and requesting a more hyper-local approach. Their letter to the health

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Matt Hancock defends last-minute northern coronavirus lockdown | UK news

Matt Hancock has defended imposing new lockdown regulations on more than 4 million people in northern England with only two hours’ notice amid criticism from Conservative MPs and confusion about the rules.

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‘Imagine the state we’d be in if Corbyn had been in charge’: the view from the ‘red wall’ | UK news

Before the pandemic hit the UK, the Guardian’s North of England editor, Helen Pidd, and photographer Chris Thomond spent time in Leigh, a “red wall” constituency in Wigan, Greater Manchester, which had

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